On a Lingerie Tip: Crotchless Panties…Oh My!

On a Lingerie Tip: Crotchless Panties...Oh My!

So while sitting in my room with random thoughts running through my mind one thought seem to linger and that was crotchless panties. I never been the kind of women that was in to the whole lingerie until recently. I happen to find lingerie is a whole lot of fun for the bedroom. I’m all for spicing it up and not only looking good for my man but for myself as well. Lingerie is not only for your guy to enjoy and rip off but it’s also for us ladies. We love looking and feeling sexy and lingerie will definitely feel such a way. I mean just the fabric alone hitting against your skin will make you walk a different and just feel yourself a little more. I decided to see if anyone else had thoughts about crotchless panties and i found this cool post about 10 reason why every women should own a pair of crotchless panties.
Enjoy Ladies!
10 Reasons Every Woman Should Wear Crotchless Panties


1. We’re all looking to add a little spice in the boudoir. Trust me, crotchless panties = plenty o’ spice.
2. You will never hear “that’s nice, take it off” (no need, really…)

3. I dare you to not get turned on while wearing crotchless panties. Seriously.
4. They will absolutely lead to steamy, hot, mind blowing sex. Who doesn’t need a little of that?

5. Your lady town will get a lot of fresh air. A good thing, no?

6. From a functionality perspective, this attire offers a lot of options (namely flexibility regarding geographical location of the getting down…Starbucks washroom anyone?).

7. There are crotchless panties for every shape and size (even us curvy ladies).

8. Even spanx come crotchless (though, I personally believe this is meant 100% for going to the washroom as it is really hard to get in and out of this body shaping garment).

9. Men have been rocking easy access openings for years, why shouldn’t we?

10. You can order them online and be discrete about your purchase. No need to go into one of those “adult” type shops if you’re worried about bumping into someone you know.
Can you think of any other reasons? I’m sure there are tonnes…


2 thoughts on “On a Lingerie Tip: Crotchless Panties…Oh My!

  1. From a guy’s perspective, knowing your partner has chosen to wear crotchless panties (and gives you an occasional flash) makes for a date night dripping with erotic anticipation.

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